Mortgage Protection

Mortgage Protection Cover/Life Assurance is essential where a mortgage is in place.

  • It is normally a condition of the mortgage.

  • It will provide a lump sum to clear or partially clear the mortgage left behind in the event of death.

Premiums are fixed during the course of the Policy term. Cover typically decreases in line with your mortgage.


  1. During the Celtic Tiger years you were charged huge prices which you are still paying.

  2. In many cases you took expensive insurance with your mortgage lender or their preferred provider but you can easily change your policy without changing your mortgage. (As long as you have a new policy in place before you cancel the old one the bank cannot object).

  3. Mortgage Cover rates are dropping because people are living longer.

  4. The EU Gender Directive - Discriminatory pricing in favour of women was outlawed in 2012. Men can now save 49% or more on the premiums if you seek a fresh quote.

  5. Switching and Saving is an easy process - you just give us a few details and we will get the best quote (for the same amount of cover).

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