These are extra payments you make in addition to the normal pension contributions (or premiums) you or your employer make if you are a member of an employer pension plan. AVCs help boost the value of your pension fund or can be used to top contribute to a tax-free lump sum on retirement. You can claim tax relief on AVCs up to certain limits, as long as you earn an income.

Viaduct Financial Services has many years of experience of AVC pensions and are happy to review your pension options.

Below is a guide to what tax relief is offer at your maginal rate and also the maximum annual contributions as % of gross salary.

Questions to ask yourself before contribution to an AVC

  • Why should I make AVCs?

  • What are the benefits of making AVCs?

  • NSP (Notional Service Purchase) or AVCs? Which is better

  • Once-off payments and tax relief

  • How do I make AVCs?

  • AVCs are a very flexible pension savings method

  • Access to your AVC fund before retirement

  • What to use AVCs for at retirement

  • What scope do I have for making AVCs?

  • If I decide to make AVCs what information will I get?

If you are interested in making AVCs or have any questions regarding AVCs please contact us.

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